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Phottix's range of Flash Accessories are all the handy add-ons your flash can’t live without. Phottix's premium Flash Battery Packs provide security and peace of mind against a shoot-ending loss of power. Creating the perfect set-up is simplified with the Phottix Hydra modifiers and adapters, allowing the use of barn doors, honeycombs, a snoot and a range of diffusers. Phottix Flash Accessories brings total flash control one step closer.

Model: 37211
FeaturesTurns hot shoe flashes into a ring flashAttaches to camera and flashUse on or off cameraCompatible with many DSLRs and flashesFast set-upCollapses for easy transportThe Phottix Aether Collapsible Ring Flash Adapter turns your hot shoe flash in a ring flash. Ring flash is very popular in fash..
Model: 87306
Bowens-compatible Speed Ring attachment for use with the Phottix Bowens to Elinchrom AdapterWhat’s included:• Phottix Bowens Speed Ring for Bowens to Elinchrom AdapterWeight0.114..
Model: 87300
The Cerberus system comes with: - Phottix Griffin with PhottixTransfolder-Compatible Mount and Phottix Varos Pro BG * - Cerberus Elinchrom-Compatible Mount - Cerberus Bowens-Compatible MountLike the mythical Cerberus, the Phottix Cerberus Multi Mount has three heads. The standard round mou..
Model: 37210
Phottix Cloth/Soft Flash Diffuser will give your pictures a softer effect. It will soften harsh shadows,reduce hot spots, and it can be attach in seconds. Light weight and easily fits in your pocket.  Flash with diffuser installed and tilted to 45 degrees gives a nice soft wrap around of light ..
Model: 35396
Get creative with your Phottix Mitros Flash. The Phottix Honeycomb Grid and Gels for Hot Shoe Flashes opens to the door to many special effects.The honeycomb grid attached to a hot shoe flash head using an included magic tape strap. The strap and grid fit most common hot shoe flashes. Honeycomb grid..
Model: 35697
Easily mount gels on hot shoe flashes - with 30 special effects gels included.Using gels with hot shoe flashes can be challenging. How can you attach them? With Velcro tabs or gaffer tape or some other inelegant contraption.Enter the Phottix Hot Shoe Gel Set. This set includes a plastic gel mounting..
Model: 80364
Phottix Juno "Ready to Go" KitWhat's Included:• Phottix Juno Transceiver Flash• Phottix Ares II Flash Trigger Transmitter• Phottix P220 Light Stand (H/220cm/87")• Phottix Double-Small Folding Shoot-Through Umbrella (91cm/36")• Phottix Varos Pro S Multi-Function Flash Shoe Umbrella Holder• Phottix Ge..
Model: 37212
The Mini Softbox for Hot Shoe Flashes. The square softbox mounts to most flashes using an elastic closure. The Mini Softbox folds flat and is easy to slip in a pocket or gear back. A compact way to make the light from your flash a little larger...
Model: 82325
Turn your studio light into a spot light with the Phottix Pro Snoot and Gels set. With a Bowen-compatible mount, the snoot is compatible with the Phottix Indra500 TTL Studio Light and other Studio Lights featuring Bowen-compatible mounts.Features:Snoot with Bowens-compatible MountRemoveable Honeycom..
Phottix Studio Light Reflector (7″)
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Model: 01270
Phottix Studio Light Reflector (7″), Bowens-compatible. For use with Phottix Indra500 TTL Studio Light.Weight: 1kg..
Model: 87224
Easily mount your flashes horizontally with the Phottix Varos H-Mount Plate and Strap.Mounting flashes by the hot shoe can cause some issues. When using umbrellas the light from a vertical flash does not hit the center of the umbrella as it is much taller. This cuts down on the effectiveness of the ..
Speedlite Bracket for Bowens Mount Speedlite Bracket for Bowens Mount
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Model: 87299
Speedlite Bracket for Bowens 可調節以適應大多數閃光燈,比原始 S 型支架更緊湊和便攜,讓您在使用 Bowens 配件的同時最大限度地發揮機載閃光燈的潛力。 支架垂直或水平支撐您的閃光燈,採用無划痕、輕壓而不是接觸式緊固件或膠帶。 光調節器,如反射器、柔光箱和鼻罩,安裝在支架的前部,就像它們安裝在 Bowens 閃光燈頭上一樣。 支架傾斜近 180 度,並有一個 5/8" 接收器用於支架安裝。..
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