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Light Tents and Product Photography Accessories

Phottix Light Tent and Product Photography Accessories were created to meet the special demands of shooting close-up, product photos. For catalogue, online auctions, product photography requires strict control and attention to detail. Light Tents can be used to create a portable, self-contained lighting studio where light is beautifully shaped to illuminate whatever's inside. The Phottix Shooting Table is ideal for macro photography making light arrangement very easy.

Model: 84210
Phottix Photo Light Tent Cube Soft (40x40x40cm) is a collapsible light tent perfect with product and macro photography.FeaturesCreates self contained lighting studioFour background colors: Black, White, Blue and RedCollapsible, portableIncluded carrying bagPhottix Photo Light Tent Cube (40x40x40cm) ..
Model: 84220
Ideal for catalogue, online auction, collectables and product photography. Enables you to create your own portable, self-contained, table top lighting studio. Our Light Tent's special photographic nylon fabric diffuses the external light source, softening shadows and reducing glare, making it ideal ..
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